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RE: Welcome - Doni Yourth - 15.02.2019

Hi, fellas!  Smile

RE: Welcome - Lee - 15.02.2019

I'm in now. Smile

RE: Welcome - Cookie - 15.02.2019

the cookie is landed Wink

RE: Welcome - webfoot - 17.02.2019

Thanks to Stefan for setting this forum up.  Much appreciated when SRMZ has troubles.

RE: Welcome - MK3424 - 17.02.2019


Now we have an alternative.. because if speedgeezers goes offline.. it has a snowball effect and knocks out all others with it...

RE: Welcome - Saiph - 17.02.2019

Heeeeeere's JOHNNY!  Wink

RE: Welcome - deegee - 17.02.2019

Thanks very much for setting up this forum, Stefan, and hello to all!

RE: Welcome - John Woods - 17.02.2019

(17.02.2019, 15:00)deegee Wrote: Thanks very much for setting up this forum, Stefan, and hello to all!

Me too, +1

Big Grin

RE: Welcome - bo bruce - 17.02.2019

always good to have another place to check, share and meet fellow sim racers!

RE: Welcome - Bob Simpson - 17.02.2019

Let me take this moment to thank everyone involved and emphasize the need for a firewall which will keep out all those nasty drugs, criminals and (YUCK) non-GPLers (Sad). I think that this will do nicely to distract attention from my own personal record and those around me. No dissenting here or else I might have to deport – er, ask for you to be banned from the forum. Please no comments lest we get into the forbidden subject of politics. Just SIT DOWN and shut up!

I just thought that a paragraph would be a nice change from the one line “I’m here”