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  Magny-Cours National 1998 - 15.09.2004
Posted by: ROOKIE4EVER - 1 hour ago - Forum: GPL Tracks Tests - No Replies

My today's test :

Banner of the previous
GPL Track Database.

-Layout : 3/5. A nice 3, to my great surprise, as three other versions of the track had left me with very mixed feelings. Here, the layout is shorter, "softer", faster and therefore, at the end, much more interesting : a good opportunity to manage nice drifts in curves is what this track and its wide, flat and smooth kerbs will offer you. Alone it's already cool, and with the Ai's there's plenty of scope for real fun.

-Graphics : 2/5. Perfectible. It's still technically period graphics and aesthetically a 90s track, so there's nothing to get excited about.

-Difficulty : 3/5. Average. The only touchy spot is Adelaide, where you'll find heavy braking, and the temptation to brake too early will probably be there at times, given the place configuration. As for the rest, nothing insurmountable, but the gradients are enough to keep you focused.

-Elevation gain : 2/3. Average (1/3 on GPL TDB).

-Overall score : 5/10.

-AI : work very well and offer a good challenge.

-Reverse : n89yngam - work fairly well, but only a few go out for a while in practice. A little track.ini tweaking will probably be needed to sort this out. In races, they're a bit slow (except for the top of the grid), so you'll probably need to lower the npt to around 0.95 (and slow down Clark). The track is very nice in that direction too, and offers a rather different experience.

Mix 2023 :

magny98n.zip +
mc98nlps704.zip +
Bapom (includes in install)

Track - magny98n.zip : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~330)
Addons - AI only : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~330)
Bapom : http://www.trilon.com/bapom/page-07.shtml#magny98n
GPL Weekly : http://www.formulado.hu/weekly/?p:tracks/MN8/

[Image: artfichier_2_917759_201205252631382.gif]

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  Mod team reaction to the Slipstream Patch
Posted by: Bob B. - 4 hours ago - Forum: Grand Prix Legends (GPL) - Replies (4)

If I understand the intention of these patches correctly, they alter the slipstream physics, affecting both the original game and all associated mods. Sorry to have to say it but proceeding with such a significant alteration, you should really have done the right thing and obtained permission (and or found a way to distinguish your "mod" from the original ones) from the mod teams that have painstakingly built and refined their mods over more than two decades. Your concern about seeking consent for your own work is apparent, and it underscores the importance of this matter.

You've correctly pointed out that slipstreaming is a complex and challenging concept to measure accurately. You've also mentioned the estimates made by drivers and journalists based on their race observations. It's worth noting that the GPL mods team followed a similar process, benefitting from first-hand experiences and input from real-life drivers like Tony Adamowicz, and now also accessing CFD testing. Relying on your guesswork as a counterpoint to Papy and mod team estimates doesn't provide a solid foundation for altering slipstream dynamics, especially when other critical factors are not concurrently addressed.

The community should understand that:
1. You are also changing the physics of the original game itself.
2. Your patches are changing the physics of all the already released mods without obtaining permission from the authors.
3. By suggesting that you will only allow Best Laps to be updated if GPLRank doesn't return, you are effectively rendering all comparisons with past lap times meaningless. This would render sites that track lap records or lap times useless.

Unfortunately, and an unintended consequence is that not respecting the work of the mod teams is already acting as a de-incentivize to release new GPL mods that are currently being developed, potentially hindering the creative and innovative efforts of the community. So fwiw, you do currently not have permission to modify or change the physics of the already released mods and any mods we mods we might release in the future. Thanks

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  Lulsgate - Comparative - 17.05.2002-01.09.2004
Posted by: ROOKIE4EVER - Yesterday, 23:46 - Forum: GPL Tracks Tests - Replies (1)

My daily's tests.

-Lulsgate Airfield XL 1950 (lulsgate) - 17.05.2002 - Tested the 17.11.2022 - Ferrari 67 - Setup Silverstone.  
-Lulsgate Airfield 1950 (luls21) - 01.09.2004 - Tested the 26.09.2023 - Brabham 67 - Setup dedicated from Schultze.

Banners of the previous
  GPL Track Database.


-lulsgate : 2.5/5. Average. It's not catastrophic, but it's a Silverstone-type track : flat with corners that don't inspire passion. What's more, two hairpins break the rhythm and force you back into 1st gear, which is another reason why this track doesn't appeal to me. It may be worth a try, purely out of curiosity. This opinion relates to the track itself and does not prejudge what may happen on track online or with the AIs : in the event, I had a great battle with the AIs, coming 2nd in practice and managing to snatch victory with a two-second lead over the next driver in the short (5-lap) test race.

-luls21 : 3.5/5. Not always conquered by airfield tracks, I rather liked this one. I thought of Aintree, but especially Silverstone. Whereas the latter tends to bore me, here I enjoyed myself quite quickly. This is probably due to the fact that, unlike the F1 classic, here there are no kerbs to break your momentum. Here, you can attack curves at will, with only 2 wheels on the track, and manage controlled drifts with great pleasure. Even the two slowest curves aren't too detrimental to the pace of the lap, since you can pass them while remaining in (bottom of) 2nd.Pb : 1'15"1.

-lulsgate : 2/5. Perfectible (at release). Not obnoxious but, as is often the case at aerodromes, there's not much to see around the track.
2.5/5. Perfectible to correct (with addons). The textures offered by the addons are decent, but it's hard to give a better mark in view of the previous comment. The asphalt is very dark and finding a lighter asphalt of such good quality won't be a luxury.

-luls21 : 2/5. Perfectible ("naked"). Some elements are very well done, the worst being a sky made in only 4 parts, so no miracles to be expected.
3.5/5. Very nice (with addons). A sky that must have come from Scottie's, improved textures, in short, the whole thing is very pleasant. Just needs a little more to "furnish" the surroundings, but that's often the case on airfields.

-lulsgate : 2/5. Easy.

-luls21 : 1.5/5. Easy to very easy : the track has a good width and sufficient clearance. It would be ideal for online racing.

-lulsgate : 1/3. Slight.

-luls21 : 0/3. Flat. (1/3 on GPL TDB).

-Overall score 
-lulsgate : 5/10.

-luls21 : 7/10.

-lulsgate : work well.

-luls21 : work well but need to be boosted (npt 0.90 ?) by at least 3 seconds as they are rather slow : 1'18"3 for the fastest AI as is.

-lulsgate : etagslul - AIs also work, but the npt will have to be changed (npt 0.90 ?) as they are slow.

-luls21 : 12slus - The AIs work in the same way, so you'll need to boost them a bit here too. Pb: 1'15". The track is also very interesting in this direction, even if we'll have a few less obvious reference points. However, we soon reach similar times.

My "Mix" - 2023 :

-lulsgate :

lulsgate.zip +
Lulsgate_addon_high_res.zip (include lulsgateai_mb.zip) - Mark Bevan (Uotymab) +
lulsgate-gplmz.zip - extract (5 files : asphalt.mip + asphaltm.mip + curb.mip + grass.mip + wiref.mip) + 
Bapom + groove - blockfix

-luls21 :

luls21.zip +
luls21_update_s13_hires.zip - 02.2005 - Mark Bevan (Uotymab) +
bapom + groove - blockfix

track - Lulsgate.zip : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~315)
addons : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~315)
bapom : http://www.trilon.com/bapom/page-09.shtml#lulsgate

track - luls21.zip : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~314)
addons : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~314)
bapom : http://www.trilon.com/bapom/page-05.shtml#luls21

Conclusion : in this case, the shorter the better, which is rarely true, and, logically, the two slow turns are less troublesome on a track where there's less time to pick up speed.

[Image: artfichier_2_917759_201205252631382.gif]

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  Tonight 26.09.2023 / GPLRACER TC / Race 03 / Jops Siffert Circuit (jops)
Posted by: admins - Yesterday, 11:03 - Forum: GPL Online Racing - No Replies

Hello RACER,

don't miss the 3rd race of the GPLRACER Thunder Cars Cup tonight at 20:30m CET.

All details here in the GPLRACER forum:
26.09.2023 / GPLRACER TC / Race 03 / Jops Siffert Circuit (jops)

If you want to join the race but missed the registration, please post a short message in the GPLRACER forum,
or just come to the iGOR chatroom #GPLRACER
5 minutes before the start of the qualifying (20:30 CET).

Your GPLRACER race admins

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  Chayka Kiev - 10.08.2004
Posted by: ROOKIE4EVER - Yesterday, 02:26 - Forum: GPL Tracks Tests - No Replies

My daily's test : 24.09.2023.

Banner of the previous
GPL Track Database.

-Layout : 3/5. Not great, but a track you'd want to come back to from time to time : a track that was fairly faithful to its plan for once, and therefore delivered what you'd expect from it. Mid-tempo, so you'll mainly be in 2nd and 3rd, but it's not boring for all that. There's a certain coherence to it, so if you like a fairly linear rhythm, it's for you. A track that could easily be included in a championship after a choppy or difficult track. For that to happen, of course, it would have to be finalised and an AI would have to be made to play against it. Pb : 1'47"1.

-Graphics : 1/5. Basic. It's an alpha version track, so that's logical too.

-Difficulty : 2/5. Easy. The track is wide enough, there's enough clearance and there are no particular pitfalls : so it's only by pushing harder and harder to improve your times that you'll put yourself in danger.

-Elevations : 0/3. Flat. (1/3 on the GPL TDB).

-Overall score : 4/10.

-AI : no - training mode only.

-Reverse : akyahs - idem. Pb : 1.47.7. I was more interested by the track in this direction : I like the end of the lap with the left-right attacked faster than the other way round. For the s/f lane, you'll need a 5th gear that's longer than in the original direction.

Track - no addon : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~104)
Bapom : http://www.trilon.com/bapom/page-02.shtml#chayka

[Image: artfichier_2_917759_201205252631382.gif]

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  G29 Centering Spring
Posted by: pjlohmar - 25.09.2023, 19:49 - Forum: I'm having trouble with... - Replies (2)

I have a problem with my Logi G29 wheel where the centering spring feature fails to operate in GPL. I have the centering spring box ticked within the Logi settings, and when I boot up the PC it goes through its usual 3 calibration swings, and I can feel the spring while at the desktop. However, when I actually load GPL the centering feature goers away. I don't use force feedback. 

I thought the problem might have arisen from a recent Logi driver update; however, when I checked to see if I could revert to an earlier edition it said "no earlier version available." 

Have any of you gents encountered the same problem, how did you resolve the issue. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

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  Detroit 91
Posted by: Bob B. - 24.09.2023, 16:43 - Forum: GPL Tracks - Replies (8)

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to convert this Detroit91 ICR2 track to GPL?  Thanks/Bob


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Posted by: Claudio Navonne - 24.09.2023, 14:10 - Forum: GPL Tools, Utilities, Programs - No Replies

Do virtual mirrors exist for mode 55? Where can I get them?

Thank you very much.

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  GPL Slipstream Patch v3.0
Posted by: PTRACER - 24.09.2023, 10:09 - Forum: GPL Tools, Utilities, Programs - Replies (16)

After two years and hundreds of hours of development it is my pleasure to bring a new patch to the GPL community.

GPL Slipstream Patch V3.0 restores the original game's slipstream physics and equalises them across all 3rd party mods. It also modifies the draft's strength and length to bring GPL more in line with modern sims.

The slipstream's length is now around 40% longer than in the original game, but less than 10% the length of the slipstream in the mods. On average, the strength has been reduced by approximately 35%.

For full compatibility with all currently released mods, two separate 36fps versions and two 60fps versions are included. The 60fps versions convert the game to 60fps automatically without the need for brr's patches. It's not necessary (and not possible) to activate both this and brr's patches at the same time.


Slipstream v3.0 includes a number of pioneering security features to guarantee there is no chance of cheating either online or offline:

1. Saving of Best Laps is disabled to avoid any impact on GPLRank.
2. Unpatched players cannot join patched servers.
3. Patched players can join unpatched servers and use the Chat function in most mods, but cannot advance past the track selection screen or go to track.
4. Advancing past the track selection screen is not possible if any incompatible patches are enabled.

Patches with known incompatibilities: 60fpsv1, 60fpsaiv1, 60fpsv2, 60fpsv2newmod, 144 fps v1.0, dirtgearpatch (all versions), pitstop and repair patches by Olaf Lehmann.

Additional features:
- Fixes a bug in brr's 60fps patches which prevents additional car graphics from loading in certain mods (i.e. Those selected from the dropdown menu on the Player Info screen)
- Fixes a bug in 1967 Historical Mod V2 and the 1955 F1 mod which prevents the player's engine from blowing when overrevved
- Works natively with both US and UK versions of the EXE

The patch has been extensively bug tested, but inevitably some people will have problems getting it to work. The Readme file includes a comprehensive set of FAQs which should resolve the vast majority of problems.

Please be sure to read the installation instructions carefully prior to installation.



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  Yolkfolk Stunts Track - 19.07.2004
Posted by: ROOKIE4EVER - 23.09.2023, 19:33 - Forum: GPL Tracks Tests - Replies (2)

My today's test :

Banners of the previous
GPL Track Database.

-Layout : 2.5/5. It's worth trying out, but it's not the track I'd come back to regularly : it's more experimental, in a "hard-drivin'" way, than a track that corresponds to GPL. Fortunately, there are 4 avoidance sections that allow you to use the main track only when there are no obstacles. Even like that, though, the layout isn't great, as the avoidance sections offering too many right-angle spots.

-Graphics : 1.5/5. Rather basics (at release), even if there are some fantasies that aren't, such as windmills with turning wings.
2/5. Perfectible (with addons). Asphalt and grass (essentially) get better textures, but it's still a weird and very very empty track.

-Difficulty : 5/5. The main line, with the obstacles, could even merit a 6. It's out of all norms and, next to it, the Ring looks like a thalassotherapy session. Three jumps over the void, three loops and a spiral climb are on the programme. Strangely enough, I was able to get through the loop on the first attempt, so it's probably the least difficult obstacle. The jumps into the void are up to you and your luck. There's probably a long learning curve before to pass the car with a landing that lets you continue your route more or less correctly. I was able to get through but at best with a spin. Putting two jumps together must be a whole other stage. Finally, the spiral ascent let me perplexed : it's supposed to be the easiest section but there seem to be invisible elements that mean that no matter how you approach it, the car gets thrown into the air.

Best times found (from replays) : Radek Petera (-57) : 4'59"3, Lotus. Kevin Brunson (-30) : 4'55"3, Cooper.

4/5. Difficult (even) if you use the obstacle-avoidance sections. Even without the obstacles, nothing is obvious here, as some sections offer inclines that are much worse than some banking sections. Apart from these difficulties, the interest in terms of driving is not crazy.

-Elevations : 3/3. Monstrous. Even without the obstacles, it's strong.

-Overall score : 4.5/10.

-AI : doesn't work because it crashes before reaching the obstacles.

-Reverse : klofkloy - impossible to reverse because an essential replacement element seems to have disappeared for good (?) from the internet. (see that in the GPL++ page).

My mix - 2023 :

yolkfolk.zip +
update.zip - Fletch - 2010 +
bapom + groove - blockfix

Track : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~649)
Addons : https://gpladdons.the-fastlane.co.uk/tra...quals~649)
Bapom : http://www.trilon.com/bapom/page-02.shtml#yolkfolk

[Image: artfichier_2_917759_201205252631382.gif]

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