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Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
Oh, hello boys... I've been hitting the wall with my head for some time now - might be what's causing
the headache, might have been last night's wine, too, hmm. Anyway, I've bought a new TV yesterday
and have hooked it to my consoles, media center and - of course - my PC and am happy to report it
works. I've tried some games on it and it works a peach. Turns out my graphics cards aren't up to the
task anymore - the latest Tomb Raider went from 40ish frames on average at FHD to 2 (yes TWO) fps
at 4k with the same settings. It does look glorious though.
Anyway why am I on about? I tried playing GPL on it because I wanted to test 4K glory F1 1967. But
it didn't happen. For some reason GPL always and exclusively uses my primary screen. I've tried to
adjust the core.ini settings to "device=1" instead of "0" in the hopes that it would show up on my
secondary screen... but it doesn't it keeps running on the primary no matter what. Now since that TV
is my third screen attached and a ways from my PC, I don't fancy switching the Windows settings for
the 3 screens all the time just for one game. Most games will accept my telling them where to run.
GPL is not one of them.

Any ideas?

Oh and Mr. Royale.. that March looks awesome. It's just a shame we can't have cool threads on it
unless it rains. Slicks in GPL look so bland, we need thread! For beauty reasons. Awesome stuff, Bob.

/frist post lol

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