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Hi all..

Just want to say hello and also many thanks to all involved for setting up this alternative forum. GPLAF. It`s always good to have another forum to be able to chat on if the others are having updates/problems.

Cheers guys. Smile
Thanks for this lifeline Stefan and Kauli.

Lets hope we don't need it.
Thumbs Up 
A great thanks to Stefan and Kauli.

It is comforting to know that there are those who keep the passion for GPL alive!

Vielen danke!
Hi Stefan and Kauli,

Thanks for all the work and creating a safetynet, let's hope we will not need it.

Greetings, Marcel
I registered, thanks for this place Smile
I just joined. Thank you setting this up. Highly appreciated.
(13.02.2019, 14:19)admins Wrote: Hello racer!

Welcome to the GPL Alternative Forum that has been set up by GPLRACR when these sites are down:
SRMZ Forum, GPL Repository Forum, GPL Alternative Track Database (GPLTD), Speedgeezers Forums, ...

Stefan Roess

P.S.: Many thanks to Kauli for setting up the forum!

Thanks Stefan and Kauli.  I am coming back to GPL after a long absence.  Tried iRacing for awhile but I miss this old gal.  I will need to do a Win 10 compatible install.  My Win 7 partition with GPL on it seems to be corrupted.  Would rather use Win 10 anyway if I can get it to work.  Looks like there are lots of people using it.  I can't seem to reactivate my SRMZ account.  I posted on the other thread about that.
Hi guys Smile
Thanks for adding me to the list, Stefan. Sorry to have caused you extra work!
Took me a bit to find my way around but I think I'm in the right place and am going to enjoy the companionship of fellow GPL fans.
its been many years since I last raced and then only off line. I first loaded GPL in about 2000 and began adding stuff almost straight away as it came out. 
Initially, I had the advice of Paul Thorburn who got me into GEM+ and the 65, 67 + additions and then 69 mods. We shared a lot of thoughts and there was much wishful thinking. We talked a lot about the possibility of front engined mods and adding seasons like 51 and 57. Hence my delight at finding out hat we now have 55 mod.
I shared a good many photos with Paul that I took at GP/F1 race meetings in UK, Austria and Canada during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. The earliest of which were of poor quality as they were taken with a simple box camera! 
However they were a record of some wonderful times and fabulous sights and sounds. The V16 BRM on Hanger straight at full chat with Gonzales at the wheel is a memory I shall never forget. The howl of that engine was spine chilling.
Anyway, in 1998 after my retirement one of the first things I did was to get into this new piece of s/w - GPL. Wow, what a wonderful discovery that was. We've all heard wives talking about golf widows, well, my wife was a gpl widow!
In 2010 when I finally decided that I'd had enough of Windows unreliability I went to Apple and have never regretted it. However, prior to the move I did have a new special pc made for me for running gpl. It is that pc that I'm now re-commisioning. 
Watch this space!

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