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Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
SRMZ is also back online.
Here are details by Bill:

Quote:Hi Guys
An update...
So as you know server went down, thought it was hard drive issue so had the drives cloned and managed to get all the info off and onto the new drives, server comes back up and all is good.Should of backed up then but i didn't

Few days later server goes down again and this time it corrupts the data on the new drives and they tell me it was the server that was the issue. So I order a new server and I am able to get most of the data back but there is some file loss at gplr and speedgeezers, they are trying to recover now.

It looks like we may have lost about 6 months of files over at gplr and probably the same at speedgeezers.
Funny thing is it seems to be about 6 months of last years data that was lost.

I have a script that backs up to the second server I have to make sure we have no data loss but for whatever reason it hasn't been backing up like it should of been.I just hope the folks over at gplr have not been impacted to much.

My apologies guys

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