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Hi all..

Just want to say hello and also many thanks to all involved for setting up this alternative forum. GPLAF. It`s always good to have another forum to be able to chat on if the others are having updates/problems.

Cheers guys. Smile
Thanks for this lifeline Stefan and Kauli.

Lets hope we don't need it.
Thumbs Up 
A great thanks to Stefan and Kauli.

It is comforting to know that there are those who keep the passion for GPL alive!

Vielen danke!
Hi Stefan and Kauli,

Thanks for all the work and creating a safetynet, let's hope we will not need it.

Greetings, Marcel
I registered, thanks for this place Smile
I just joined. Thank you setting this up. Highly appreciated.
(13.02.2019, 13:19)admins Wrote: Hello racer!

Welcome to the GPL Alternative Forum that has been set up by GPLRACR when these sites are down:
SRMZ Forum, GPL Repository Forum, GPL Alternative Track Database (GPLTD), Speedgeezers Forums, ...

Stefan Roess

P.S.: Many thanks to Kauli for setting up the forum!

Thanks Stefan and Kauli.  I am coming back to GPL after a long absence.  Tried iRacing for awhile but I miss this old gal.  I will need to do a Win 10 compatible install.  My Win 7 partition with GPL on it seems to be corrupted.  Would rather use Win 10 anyway if I can get it to work.  Looks like there are lots of people using it.  I can't seem to reactivate my SRMZ account.  I posted on the other thread about that.

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