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Riverside 66 Update - ginetto - 30.04.2021

Here is an update to correct a few issues I just realized were left in the public release of my Riverside 1966 - folder: riside66 -.
A few clippings and texture remapping plus I got rid of a few 0 thickness walls that could be cause of CTD online.
I will post this over at SRMZ when it will be up again but, for now, let's use this alternative site - thank you Stefan and Kauli! - Wink

PS the file is a .7z file but I added the extension .zip to be able to upload here

RE: Riverside 66 Update - bo bruce - 30.04.2021

thanks Ginetto!
i only wish "we" all could find these little inconsistencies to help you update other fine works, that have small issues that make them otherwise, not able to be used Sad