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RE: Welcome - tjc - 17.02.2019

Hi all..

Just want to say hello and also many thanks to all involved for setting up this alternative forum. GPLAF. It`s always good to have another forum to be able to chat on if the others are having updates/problems.

Cheers guys. Smile

RE: Welcome - Pedro - 17.02.2019

Thanks for this lifeline Stefan and Kauli.

Lets hope we don't need it.

RE: Welcome - Roberto Teso - 18.02.2019

A great thanks to Stefan and Kauli.

It is comforting to know that there are those who keep the passion for GPL alive!

Vielen danke!

RE: Welcome - MLGathome - 19.02.2019

Hi Stefan and Kauli,

Thanks for all the work and creating a safetynet, let's hope we will not need it.

Greetings, Marcel

RE: Welcome - leon_90 - 01.03.2019

I registered, thanks for this place Smile

RE: Welcome - Marx - 05.05.2019

I just joined. Thank you setting this up. Highly appreciated.