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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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talked with Bill C... probably back up tomorrow (Friday)
Thank you for contacting Bill.

Take care and stay safe.
Thank you Bo for letting us know!
just talked w/ the admin.... he's not well (financially) and is 115 USd short for activating. possibly not til Tues unless he gets $ support Sad

i personally can send some - but i can't on a regular basis
if those of us able could send 5 or 10 USD.. he'd be covered for 2 months.
.. he's coughing up 325/mo for the server and to backup everything :o

so if you can send something via PayPal - send to this addy:

if you can't do Ppal, w/out donations Tues will be the earliest.
Hi Bo .

Just popped in regarding the absence of the sites.
Reading the thread explains all.

Thanks for sorting this. Just sent Bill $25.

Gladly send some more later. Most importantly I hope Bill is well.

Thanks again, Paul Villiers.

P.s Bo. Will be contacting you soon regarding racing with you and your mob online. Take care.
SRMZ, GPLRepository and GPLTD seem to be offline.
Yes. Offline here in USA as of 12:30pm UTC.
Is this possibly a funding problem? Or have the websites been affected by the Kaseya attack?
SRMZ, GPLRepository seem to be offline atm.
as some of you know, i had a stroke on 1 June. (while on a 30km/20 mi) bke ride Tongue
reverery is ongoing.

as fr the Cooper Webs sites, i just texted Bill..hope to see a result same all of you.. if i hear ANYTHING otherwise, ill report here,

oh, and my spelling is horrid, as m RHand can't locate keys like before Tongue i'm too lazy t\o fix everyword :\
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