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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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i will contact Bill - NOW
Thanks Bo
As yet - no response ... i've texted him and called both his cell and his home. Nothing.
however that isn't all that unusual - he works and doesn't always reply straight away - and if he's not home, self explanatory Smile

i'll keep trying ~
Thank you Bruce for trying, lets hope Bill respond Smile
got a hold of Bill.. he was unaware.
said he'd contact the folks that run the hardware (?)
now waiting to hear back from Bill - or we'll see the sites back up soon.
Thx Bo and Bill! 

Atm Mirror Zone, Repository and Track Database are down (and maybe also more sites Bill is hosting).
I came here to find out if anyone was aware about SRMZ and you guys are already working on it! Thanks Bo and Bill for being on the ball! Fingers crossed it's something simple to fix.
(Maybe that thread about "rank the mods in order of accuracy" finally caught fire and temporarily burned the SRMZ website down!   Big Grin   )
All sites are back online.

Thank you guys!
SRMZ & Speedgeezers down? I can't get to either at the moment. Sad


CALL to Bill has been made... only able to text him about all webs being down (Again)

This happens...
Bill is aware, and i've text messaged him ~

please be patient
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