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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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(24.05.2020, 18:39)gliebzeit Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmmm.... looks very tame for Tennessee.  How about my home in Florida?
Radar images captured minutes ago.  (12:30pm EDT)
SQL Error seems like a computer configuration issue, or hacking ... not a power outage.

looks like you were on track ~ forums back online ... what ever the cause Smile
SRMZ down again..  Sad

The message is simply page not works, HTTP error 500


yep me too
SRMZ looks to be down for maintenance.
Same here. Sad

Is the lack of gpllinks page connected to this, or are the completely separate?
SRMZ is also down for me.
GPLRepository and GPLTD are still online.
I don't know if SRMZ is connected to GPLinks in any way.
GPLLINKS is back as of yesterday.
It is now on GitHub with new format.
All compliments of Mr. Ridcully.

Anyone interested in maintaining links, especially for Mod of interest, or GPL in general, is welcome to register on github and once SRMZ is back send a PM for member/admin rights to back door.


GPL Links is not connected to SRMZ
good to see you're back (?) as for GPLlinks... how to get there? link?

for me/SRMZ is not accessible.
i've been in touch with Bill Cooper, is said "big problem" had looked at the situation last nite but will work on it tonite (Thurs)
i do not have access to Repository or Registration issues, even the PM is only partially working Sad Bo.

New format took me by surprise but all good. Smile

Thanks John.

thanks John (Snafu) Smile