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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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(15.04.2022, 19:08)ZZBusch Wrote: [ -> ]Unfortunately the Domain name has not been renewed. It is still available to purchase.

Bill uses Speedgeezers.NET rather than .COM. It's not the domain but the actual hosting which has not been paid. Or it might have been paid, but hasn't been reactivated.

Either way I would say chances of seeing SRMZ back are slipping below 50% since hosts delete the data if the account is not settled after so long. I have almost completed designing an addon site where we can at least upload what we got, just waiting for permission to post a URL.
I have just sent this mail to Bill:

Hello Bill,

I hope you are well.
SRMZ and the other websites are still offline.
Is there anything we can do to help?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Sometimes the links break, you need to take out the sessionid, edit the url, etc, but i think a lot of the listing data is archived if you can figure out the right url to ask for. Often you need to replace the date section of the url with * and you can find the file on another day the search engine indexed it. 100% there will be significant loss though.

The tracks themselves, it depends what permissions the forum set for search engines, and that doesn't look good right now.
Link to the last backup on The Way Back Machine

Edit-Looks like it’s a read only.
Yeah it literally just pulls the displayed html, same as a search engine. It can't access databases to write to, so there's no way to write new posts, etc, to the archive.
The websites are back online. Smile
This is great news for the GPL community. Thanks Bill for getting the forums up and running again and thanks to Stefan for keeping everyone informed. Smile
What do we need Stefan????

to help this stay on the air!
Good news...
And breathe.....

Great news - off to find out how to donate to show my appreciation....
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