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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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Sadly still down here in UK ?
Very much hope that everybody is okay and the issue gets sorted soon ??
I have what I believe is Bill's current address and some phone numbers you can try. If someone PM's me (preferably in the US) I'll share it so you can give him a call.
Bill responded to my email and is taking care of getting the websites back online.

I think Bill would be happy about donations when SRMZ is back online.  Exclamation
Great to hear Bill has been notified of the problem and will get things fixed up.

Will definitley donate when things are back up and running.
So is Bill solely responsible for these websites? That's a big challenge considering how much we all benefit. Will definitely donate and would be happy to help but I doubt I have the skill set.
I'm glad also hear Bill is ok.
But I also dread the loss of srmz...
Every time it's of line, it straight into panic mode.

So Admins, as soon as you have news and need help and donations etc. Please say.

I'm not sure what the plans for srmz etc are for the future, but willing to help in any way.

Take care guys , Paul V.
I second that. I've benefited a lot from these sites and am willing to help where I can.
Any news?

We are getting nervous...
No news from Bill.
Greg(Gliebzeit),were you able to download my Ferrari files.I uploaded it few hours before the offline.