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Full Version: Websites Offline - SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD
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The websites SRMZ, GPL Repository, GPLTD seem to be offline. Cry
Or is it just me?

I am noticing just the same thing here.

GPL Discord Server as an additional alternative here:
Yes. SRMZ web sites are down.
(25.04.2019, 16:53)gliebzeit Wrote: [ -> ]Yes. SRMZ web sites are down.

Do you think that it's again a money problem...?...
Has anyone contacted Bill?
(26.04.2019, 02:54)gliebzeit Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone contacted Bill?

I have just sent an email to Bill Cooper.
It seems like the SRMZ site has some kind of instability. Lou Magyar has suggested that he host it more cheaply as I understand it and I think that it would only need transferring. I'm not sure why Bill hasn't taken Lou up on the offer.
Waiting in the shadows.   Cool

But actually, still doing a little track development work preparation.
All sites are back online.
i called Bill Friday AM as soon as i saw it was offline.
he reported that a new HD was being installed - and should/would be back up later in the day (it was)
yes, we all desperately depend on SRMZ/Speedgeezers, but can we not take a deep breath until we know the details?

as for why Bill hasn't made contact with Lou (as far as i know he hasn't) Bill simply isn't ready to give up control.

you're welcome ~